Wifi Internet Access

What Is Wifi Wifi Internet Access and the technology working behind it?  Wi-Fi means wireless fidelity and is a wireless networking technology used all over the world today. The term Wi-Fi is often as spelled WiFi, Wi-fi, Wifi, or wifi. Commercialization of the technology has forayed into free Wifi Internet Access.

In a Wi fi Internet Access, there is a wireless router and computers with wifi network cards. These  are connected wirelessly through this router, which is connected to the Internet by means of a modem. And any user within 60-70 meters of the access point can easily connect to the Internet and enjoy Wi-fi Internet Access. In order to boost the signals, wireless signal boosters are also used so as to expand the range of a Wifi Internet Access network.

The technology behind Wifi Internet Access has several advantages. Not only are they low-priced, but are easy to set up too. This connection is very reliable and suitable. However, if the router fails or if too many people try to use high-bandwidth applications at the same time, ther can be interruptions.

Wifi Internet Access providers are making use of the latest wifi technologies to improve the services and expand the range, so as to allow more users to connect to the web with this technology. The idea is to get rid of any hiccups and boost the data transfer rates.

The coverage are for the free Wifi Internet Access usually comprises of one or more access points that are also known as hotspots. The coverage for the larger area will depend on a group of hotspots with overlapping coverage.

Today, Wi fi Internet Access is by independent businesses, private homes, and public spaces. All kind of organizations and businesses, like hotels, airports and restaurants are providing free Wifi Internet Access to attract customers.