The Impact of Internet on Business

With the permeation of web, how can one rule out the impact of internet on business? Business on internet has grown to a colossal size. Today, you will find millions of websites online, selling their products or services and trying to reach out to their potential customers with the help of internet. The impact of internet on business can be seen in the advertising, marketing, customer service, sales support and public relations.

Today, a buyer can pick from hundreds of companies for the products or services he is looking for with just one click. Shopping has never been so easier and convenient. The marketing landscape will keep on evolving in the coming years, thus deepening the impact of internet on business. Both businesses and customers are getting increasingly comfortable on internet.

Although many experts still argue the future of the internet, but one cannot rule out the impact of internet on business in the last couple of years. With the explosion of the internet and new web technologies coming in, it has revolutionized the way we do business and market our products.

Today most consumer products are available online. You name it and they have it, such is the profound impact of internet on business. You will get everything from books, electronics, travel, computer, software, hardware, appliances, music, medicines, clothing, kitchen items, and the list can just go on and on. One can even buy and sell automobiles on web!

Today, more than 30% of business-to-business purchases are made on web and the number is on a steady rise. The top five e-commerce products are electronics, computers, petrochemicals, office products and motor vehicles. Billions of dollars are spent on advertising on the internet. More than 50 % of web surfers responded to an e-mail advertisement and about half bought the product. All these figures and numbers point to the strong impact of internet on business.

Millions of businessman and marketers are making huge profits on web. There is scope for every kind of business out there. You c an start a small business or promote a big one. Internet is loaded with tools to help you progress. E-commerce, collaboration, customer service and sales support seem a lot easier on web. Many companies are turning to internet marketing agencies for guidance.

To conclude, the impact of internet on business is clearly apparent, when we look around us.