Dial Up Internet

Dial up internet is a type of Internet access that depends on the public switched telephone network to set up a dialed connection to an Internet service provider via the telephone lines. An attached modem to the user’s computer helps to decode and encode IP packets and control information into.

Dial up internet providers need no special infrastructure other than the telephone network and are a useful service where telephone access is easily available. But for the remote areas with no telephone connections, the service may not be useful. Due to market competition, broadband is easily available at lower prices today and is replacing Dial up internet.

Dial up internet is a transient connection as either the phone company or the user can terminate the connection.  Internet service providers often set a limit on the time duration of the connection or the number of bytes downloaded.

The recent setback in economy has however seen a resurgence of Dial up internet services all over the world. With the cost of other technologies, still running high, the low cost of free dial up internet services did not go unnoticed by the consumers. Cable companies turn out to be more expensive. Recent survey reflects that high broadband prices and lack of infrastructure are the main reasons for the Dial up internet to still remain into practice.

Today, a wide range of modems are getting manufactured to enhance the dial up internet services.  They can independently monitor signal quality and manage the connection as well as adjust to data rate as line conditions change.

Modern dial-up modems characteristically offer a maximum transfer speed of 56 kbit/s . There are several factors that determine the speed of the modem, like quality of the modem as well as the noise in the phone lines. Sometime the connection speeds can get as low as 20 kbit under very noisy environments. Other factors that can hamper the quality of the dial up internet service are loading coils, electric fences, and long loops.

Any companies offer free dial up internet access to lure customers in their packages and plans.