Data loss protection - an important issue

For companies there are many reasons that can cause a data loss and it is more important then ever, to prevent that. To do so, many companies are doing frequently backups of their important data. Often tape streamer are used for this.

But a more elegant solution could be a cloud service which runs completely online and is accessible for any user inside a company. An example for a possible external provider for such a solution is – where personal customers as well es business and enterprise customers can make demands on different cloud offers.

Working online... every time and everywhere!

One reason why cloud services became so common, is the availability of large bandwidth internet connections (even mobile). The simple fact, that every device is nearly everywhere connected to the internet, allows a new philosophy about how to store important files. Instead of saving them on the devices, it is saved on central servers (which are usually mirrored). Through a small program or app, the user gets access to the data and can open, download or edit documents. All that access is of course usually password secured. If someone stores all his fundamental files at a serious cloud service provider, taking backups is normally no longer an issue.

The cloud keeps data synchronize

An other benefit of cloud services is, that they keep user data synchronize. Everyone how uses cloud services intensely, has no longer sent himself emails or transfer data with an USB stick, just to get files from one machine to an other or sync with a smart device.